Carina Jimenez

My work acknowledges the existence of machismo within the Mexican community and identifies Roman Catholicism as the probable source. During the time of Columbus, the Spanish sought to conquer Mexico; to control and colonize the land. They began by converting the natives into Roman Catholics.  

The Colonialization of native religions sought to build the Catholic missionaries on top of existing sacred grounds to ease the transition from the previous religion into the new. The Catholics produced an image of a European Jesus and ultimately used it to create a brand "logo" for their religion in the new world.


In my paintingsmy imposed visage on replicas of renaissance paintings subverts the process of this conversion of my ancestors by replacing my (female) identity in a position of authority as the subject, in reclamation of this authority. By using my face exclusively, I highlight this reclaiming and deny the androcentric brand imposed by my ancestors’ colonizers.

Furthermore, cookware is a personal identifier of ones family  traditions; it connects a contemporary family to the authentic lifestyle of their ancestors. I have included various pots to my body of work that recognize the mixture of both Mexican and Spanish culture and the progression within the community.

Carina Jimenez

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